Community Cohesion

We contribute to the strengthening of community cohesion through promoting meaningful interaction between different sectors of the population, and by placing children and young people front and centre in spaces of participation. We build capacities and foster collaboration with diverse local actors in Malinalco.  


Journey to the Mictlán

A collective creative process that takes place around the annual Day of the Dead festivities in Malinalco, coordinated by Malinalco. The children and young people we work with all year round take the lead in a collaboration between more than fifteen local groups and organisations totalling more than nine hundred people. They organise a parade and an interdisciplinary show in which a story is told or a message transmitted in line with Imaginalco’s objectives.


We seek to coordinate our efforts towards preventing violence, sexual abuse, and addiction at a municipal level. We aim to ensure a common language and understanding of Malinalco’s social problems and to generate comprehensive strategies that help build a safer community in which children and young people can fully develop.

Community Prevention Network