Formal Education

We believe in education as a key element for human develop and access to life opportunities. Therefore, our formal education projects promote equitable access to quality education, contribute to ensuring the right to education of girls, boys and adolescents in a situation of social exclusion in Malinalco, through school support, psychosocial support, and pedagogical counseling.


We work with a "train the trainers" model, in which young people from the community teach and work as educators, and are at the same time pedagogical advisers, and positive references for the girls, boys and adolescents who participate in the programs.


This initiative has gained special relevance in the context of the educational crisis associated to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has widened the inequality gaps in our communities.

We contribute to guaranteeing access to quality education for children and young people through a scheme of school support, psychosocial support and pedagogical counseling, which helps to improve academic performance and reduce school dropout among the population at greatest risk.


We attend to the educational need that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, of boys and girls of primary school age. It is a space where we support them in the preparation of their homeworks, we answer questions, explain topics and we seek that learning is shared. In addition, we add exercises and dynamics for the development of life skills and the strengthening of cognitive skills in girls and boys with the aim of reducing lag and promoting school retention.

Homework club