Games and development

We believe in games as a right and as a tool for the development of all people, especially of girls, boys, and adolescents. For this reason, our projects are designed from a playful and recreational approach. Playing, living together and exploring in a safe environment allows us to learn and grow, as individuals and as a community.

Participation in all areas of life is a right of girls, boys and young people. For this reason, we open spaces in which they can propose, promote and be part of activities that respond to their interests, and from there work on change objectives. Our activities are organized from clubs that change according to what the participants propose or call their attention. Through these activities, and following a shared methodology, we promote the development of psychosocial skills, a sense of belonging, positive youth leadership, and a sense of agency. Get to know our clubs!

A space for girls and women to share and reflect, where we tackle questions relating to sexuality, self-care, and gender relations.

Girls Club

Through outdoor adventures like cycling, hiking, and camping, we promote the development of psychosocial skills, positive leadership roles, and critical reflection on the environment in children and adolescents.

Outdoor Patrol

A training ground where, through soccer, we ensure the development of psychosocial skills, healthy habits, and other skills that help protect participants from violence and addiction.

Formative soccer school

We operate two youth centers and a soccer field.

They are safe environments and meeting places and healthy coexistence for children and young people.


We open every day with training, artistic and sports activities that contribute to achieving Imaginalco's objectives. In them, we all learn to take care of ourselves, have fun and help each other.

Our Spaces

It is a recreational space for boys and girls of primary age. Through recreational activities such as excursions, drawing, cooking classes and various games, we seek to develop different life skills that allow them to establish relationships of good treatment in conditions of gender equality, as well as boost their abilities in making healthy decisions. for life.

Game evenings