Community Development

Youth training

The training and development of young people as actors of social change, capable of integrating in a healthy and constructive way in their community, is a priority for Imaginalco. For this reason, we generate opportunities and contribute to developing tools and skills that allow these young people to contribute to their environment and generate income.

Youth leadership training

We work in the formation of young people between the ages of 15 and 29, who began as participants in our activities and are now becoming positive leaders in their community. We seek:

  • Promote integral development

  • Promote positive youth leadership

  • Strengthen our operational capacity, and ensure sustainability and impact in the medium and long term

  • Generate social capital and local capacities

Training for employment

Access to decent work is a right for everyone. For this reason, at Imaginalco we train young people in a situation of social exclusion, so that they can obtain or generate a job that allows them to continue developing as professionals, in full exercise of their rights.