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Milestones January 2022: This is not how we play

What we have achieved so far in our program for the prevention, detection and attention of child sexual abuse in Malinalco.

We started with the community communication campaign!

Children, teenagers and young people were part of the beginning of the awareness campaign. In November we went out to the streets to place the first stage of posters in the most recurrent areas of Malinalco, as a first strategy to generate conversation around the issue and create general awareness about the topic. In total we placed 50 posters in strategic points of the town.

We continued with our prevention workshops for elementary school children, in which we increased their knowledge about their bodies, emotions, child sexual abuse and consent. For example, before the workshop, 19% of the participants knew what sexual abuse is, and at the end of the workshop, 56% knew and could explain it in their own words. We have a total of 46 children receiving the workshop, this year we want to reach even more kids!

We had our first session of the Allies Network for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and it was a total success, 18 women participated! This month we will have our second meeting and we will open the doors for more allies to join us to be spokespersons for the issue and to be able to detect and channel cases of abuse.

Finally, we activated our support telephone line and continue to provide therapeutic support to girls and boys who have experienced sexual abuse.

Thanks to your generous contributions we can continue with our project and protect children in rural Mexico. If you would like to donate to our campaign, please contact us or click the button below.

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