Sustainable Projects

We promote decent work and training for the employment of young people, through the generation and promotion of sustainable alternatives (ecologically and economically) that stimulate the local economy without damaging the environment.

It is a community, artistic, educational, productive and sustainable project of Imaginalco. Through the collection and transformation of plastic, we create works of art with positive social and environmental impact. We promote community development, social inclusion, and plastic recycling by transforming it into pieces of art. In this way we fight against the climate crisis, we generate jobs and resources to finance our programs.



Sustainable training program for employment, through the collection and recycling of plastic to transform it into artistic products. Young people participate in a process of regularization in basic knowledge of mathematics, literacy and computers; training in design techniques and materials, as well as marketing and sales. With this, we promote access to decent employment and the development of psychosocial skills. Thus, Escuela Xoloplastics expands the capabilities and possibilities of its participants into the future, by encouraging them to be agents of social change in the community.

Escuela Xoloplastics

We receive and sell clothes, accessories, furniture and household items in good condition, to be sold in Seis Garritas, our store / bazaar. The resources generated provide employment for young women seeking to finance their studies or single mothers with financial needs, as well as helping us to continue operating the rest of our projects.

Give a second life to your objects! Please contact us to make your donation in kind:

Seis Garritas